Reservation F.A.Q.
    • Is there dress code at Maiden? Nope! Be as fancy or as casual as you please.
    • Is Maiden suitable for children? Due to the nature of our fine dining experience we do not allow children under 13 at our dinner service. You’ll thank us later. We do however encourage kids to visit us for Teatime at Maiden Saturdays from 11-2 where we serve up a beautiful tower of sweet and savory treats along with unlimited pots of the finest teas.
    • Are reservations required?Reservations are required, and we accept same-day bookings until 4 PM. Walk-ins are welcome to enjoy our bar and patio seating as well as our A la Carte Plates and drinks offerings.

      Reservations for the following month are opened on the 15th of each month. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

    • Is payment due when making a reservation? To ensure that your reservation is confirmed and secure, we require a deposit. Deposits guarantee that your reservation is reserved exclusively for you and reduces the likelihood of overbooking or cancellations.If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    • Can Maiden gift cards be used for deposits on Tock? No, our gift cards are not compatible with Tock deposits at If you would like to use a Maiden gift card when placing a reservation and making a deposit, please call us at (817) 953-8327 or email us at and we will be happy to accommodate your request.
    • Can I get a refund once purchased? Can I exchange my reservation for a different night?
      We allow cancellations up to 72 hours before your reservation to allow for a full refund. Deposits will be nonrefundable within 72 hours of your reservation. Reservations can be rescheduled up to 3 PM, same day of reservation – beyond that, your deposit will be non-refundable.
    • What is the largest party size available? We can accommodate parties of up to six guests.
    • Is Maiden available for private events or special occasions? Yes! Please contact us here.
    • Is everything really vegan? Yes! Everything at Maiden is 100% vegan, our wines, spirits, and even the honey!
    • Can I arrive early for my reservation and enjoy a drink in the lounge? Yes, please! Bar, lounge, and patio seating are available first come, first serve. Please arrive early if you want to make the Maiden experience last even longer.
    • What kind of menu does Maiden offer? Dinner service at Maiden consists of a seasonal tasting menu in either an 8 or 4 course option. Our tasting menus offer a unique and memorable dining experience that engages all the senses and aims to leave a lasting impression.

      8-Course Seasonal Tasting Menu

      Our full eight-course tasting menu allows for an immersive and indulgent dining experience, showcasing our chefs’ creativity and providing an opportunity to savor a wide range of flavors and textures. Please allow 2-3 hours for this experience.

      4-Course Seasonal Tasting Menu

      Our abbreviated 4-course menu features items from our full seasonal tasting menu and is designed to last approximately 90 minutes.

      Tea Time at Maiden

      Teatime at Maiden is a time to relax, socialize, and enjoy beautiful, delicious vegan treats and tea. Enjoy a beautiful tower of treats served along with unlimited pots of the finest black, green, oolong, white, and herbal teas from Tea Sparrow. We serve a variety of sweet and savory items, such as finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, tiny cakes, pastries, cookies, and fresh fruit.
      Kids are most welcome to attend.

      Sunday Roast

      Indulge in the quintessential British tradition of a Sunday Roast, reimagined for the modern palate with our all-vegan twist. Our Sunday Roast service consists of your choice of house-made roast or 4oz vegan Filet Mignon, potatoes, roasted root veggies, yorkshire pudding, red wine gravy, horseradish sauce and one additional choice of veggie side. Gluten-free options are available.

      Desserts, drinks and small plates available for additional cost.

      You can view our current bar offerings and previous tasting menus here.

    • Do you offer beverage pairings to accompany the tasting menu? Yes, we certainly do. We have three pairing options, 1) Wine pairing; a hand-selected variety of delicious vegan wines and sake to accompany each course. 2) Zero-proof pairing; features zero-proof cocktails, teas, fizzy concoctions, and other fun finds. 3) Eclectic pairing; a mix of wine, sake, alcoholic cocktails, zero-proof cocktails, tea, and fizzes.
      Enjoy a midweek getaway and treat yourself to half-price beverage pairings when you join us for a 4 or 8-course tasting menu experience on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    • Can Maiden accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions? Yes, requests can be made when you place your reservation. Our reservations Coordinator will also reach out to verify all food allergies, aversions, and dietary restrictions prior to your joining us. Due to the time it takes to prepare our multi-coursed menu, same-day requests may not be available.
    • What is the recommended tipping percentage for the waitstaff? Gratuity is not included when pre-paying for your reservation. You will have the option to leave gratuity for your waitstaff at the end of your dining experience. We recommend leaving the customary 20% gratuity if you enjoyed your experience.
    • Can I bring my own bottle of wine? We kindly ask you leave that to us. We have an extensive hand-picked vegan wine list. Our Beverage Director will be able to guide you through our selections to find the perfect fit.
    • What is the restaurant’s policy on cell phone usage? While we don’t have a policy, we do highly encourage our guests to unplug and experience Maiden without distraction. Leave your phone at home if you feel so bold!
    • What is Maiden’s policy on bringing in outside food or beverages? We do not allow any outside food or beverages.
    • Where is Maiden located? We are located at PS1200, a unique mixed-use development designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects. Our address is 1216 6th Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76104. You can’t miss our striking building and our beautiful curves.
    • Where can I park? Due to the limited amount of parking in our Magnolia Urban Village neighborhood, we highly encourage guests to use ride-sharing to make their experience as hassle-free as possible. Street parking is available along 6th Ave and Magnolia Ave. Guests can also use the parking lot at the NE corner of Oleander and Fairmount. Look for silver signs indicating “PS1200 Customers,” and those spots are for you. Valet parking will be available at a future date.

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